Diane Morgan

Diane Morgan

Business Development Specialist, Inside Sales Inc

Sydney, Afghanistan

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Her skills

  • B2B Marketing
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Online lead generation
  • Online Business
  • Marketing communications
  • Marketing
  • Market research
  • IT services
  • Internet marketing
  • Direct Marketing
  • B2B Sales
  • Telemarketing

Her languages

  • English

    About her

    Inside Sales Inc is business-to-business lead generation company founded in 2004 in California USA. We provide B2B Sales and Marketing Solutions for businesses in the US, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Malaysia, etc.

    We have appointment setters and lead generators who sets phone or face-to-face sales meetings and we reach target contacts through:

    * Cold-calling
    * Email
    * Online and Social Media

    We qualify leads / appointments based on a qualification criteria set by our clients, and deliver them as qualified sales opportunities. They conduct a formal presentation and through constant follow up on their end, they eventually close the deals.

    Through our PipelineCRM, everything can be monitored and all facets are being managed. By using our services, it will save you more time on finding interested customers and it will help you focus on developing your product.

    Want to learn more? Feel free to send me an email at diane.morgan.insidesales@outlook.com

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